Schools Programme

We invite local schools to participate in the Christchurch South Waste Minimisation project.  We have a number of fun programmes that will reinforce what your pupils have already learned at school about waste minimisation and being responsible consumers . . . and we do all the work!

To date, our programmes have been aimed mainly at primary level, but we would welcome the involvement of intermediate and secondary school pupils and teachers. Our aim is to influence households, so we are interested in evaluating how extension activities in the school setting can have a positive impact on waste minimisation at home.Successful programmes that we have already delivered are outlined below.

Effective use of resources

By learning about the links between production and consumption and waste, this programme is aimed at helping children learn about being responsible consumers.

Ideas for future programmes:

We would especially like to to develop this area for intermediate and secondary pupils.  We are keen to support individual and group research projects. We are keen to incorporate all areas of the curriculum (maths, science & technology, social studies, English, art, health and phys. ed.)

  • Garden gym
  • The science of composting (including EM Bokashi)
  • Doing a waste audit at school and home
  • Changing attitudes to waste minimisation
  • The limitations of modern living and how to respond to these
  • Compost theatre