Social Services

We work with a wide range of social service agencies and can provide a supported work environment for people with special needs. However we are a small not for profit organisation and our resources for supporting people with disabilities are limited.

For this reason please note the following protocols:

If you have a client interested in volunteering at the Gardens, please first email or phone Christine Blance (Trust Manager) to make an appointment to discuss your client’s needs and our needs. Please accept that we may not be able to take your client for a range of reasons.

Indirect referrals: This is when agencies encourage their clients to ‘self -refer’ or make contact with us independant of the agency. These will be treated by us as direct referrals requiring formal involvement of the agency.

We prefer clients of agencies to have support workers with them onsite.

We retain the right to have a trial period and to limit the amount of time that people spend with us.

Misrepresentation: Agency workers visiting the community gardens on an ad hoc basis for the purposes of placing a client are expected to identify themselves and the organisation they are working for. Any attempts to disguise the nature of the client/agency relationship will be regarded as misrepresentation.

We expect to develop a professional relationship between the Agency and the Trust. This means that we have:

  • Full contact details of the agency and one principle person to liaise with about the client.
  • Monthly reviews to discuss client progress