Sisyrinchium Striatum – Satin Flower


Sisyrinchium Striatum, also known as Pale Yellow-Eye Grass this perennial forms tufts of long swordlike grey-green foliage. In late spring or early summer, it produces multiple spikes of small, pale yellow flowers with golden centres and thin pale mauve stripes on the outer edges of the petals that rise above the foliage.

When flowering finished Sisyrinchium produces attractive black seed pods. Each flower will open for just one day with the morning sun and then closes again on dusk.  Naturalising easily it will spread over time to form large clumps which can be easily split.  It is happy being grown in poor but well-drained soils in either full sun or a partially shaded position and once established it is quite drought tolerant. It can be easily split in spring to provide you with more plants. It does self-sow so if you do not want this to occur remove the spent flower stems to prevent them from forming seed pods.

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