Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do things work here?

This is probably our most frequently asked question! Please refer to our list of articles to find out more.

+ When are you open?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wish to purchase produce, plants etc.. . Plants, compost, liquid worm fertiliser, and some crops are priced. A fair donation is expected for produce that is not labelled.

If you wish to meet with workers come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday  at 11am – 3pm or make an appointment with Christine Blance (Manager) via email or Phone (03) 942 6630

+ Do I need to bring any tools to help out in the garden?

Our tools sheds are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday when our key holders are on site. We provide most of the tools on those days but please Bring-Your-Own garden gloves .

+ How many people work here?

We usually have at least 2 – 3 paid staff – (trust manager plus support staff) +  Experienced volunteers and board members. An average of  80 people volunteer each year on 1000+ occasions. 4000+ voluntary hours p.a are contributed.

+ Who else participates ?

Last year up to 5000 people directly participated – these included Local schools and pre-schools, tertiary sector – students on placement/ doing research etc.., people visiting for plants and produce/looking about/recreation/garden advice, events and market days, people dropping off waste for recycling, new migrant groups, after school clubs – brownies, cubs etc, corporate volunteers, special education needs placements, Police Youth Aid placements, CCC, walking groups, retirement village residents, garden clubs, other community gardeners, local businesses.

+ Can I harvest the produce myself?

Yes you can. Pay into the yellow box provided. Please harvest correctly so as not to damage, stunt or lay to waste developing crops. if you are unsure, come in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 11am – 3pm so someone can show you how .

+ Do I need to pay for the produce I harvest? (Harvesting/ Access to resources)

Yes . For plants please leave the amount of $ indicated on plant tags and for compost, firewood and worm fertiliser. Some crops are also priced. Workers can assist if you are not sure. Some things are generally OK to take for free – e.g. weeds , a piece of fruit and a few herbs if just a small amount. However even that small bunch of parsley or rosemary and that fruit tree producing so well has had work put into it – so please give this some thought next time you are here.

+ Are the crops produced organically?

Yes. We grow under organic principles. We do not use concentrated systemic sprays to control pests and diseases . We make our own ‘soft’ organic sprays. There are no residues toxic to people on crops ready to harvest. This means our labour input is greater and our produce is safer to eat than most produce in the supermarket. Thus we value the crops grown here more highly than those available in the supermarket.  We hope you will also.

+ Where or how can I make donations?

Please visit our Donation page.

We accept donations in many forms – straight in to the donation / koha box at the front of the site or directly into our bank account (03 0866 0005726 000) . Your donations contribute towards production costs such as potting mix, seeds, tools & equipment, plants, repairs & maintenance, website, and computer costs, vehicle expenses, fundraising expenses, pea straw etc.