Beckenham Community Landscape Project

Beckenham Community Landscape

After searching for a local site to beautify and utilise productively post earthquakes – Coralie Winn from Gap Filler put us in touch with Eve Harding, one of the property owners of a small site next to Harding’s Chemist in Beckenham.

Once a children’s shoe shop – the site, like so many others, was laid bare after the building was demolished. Eve had already commissioned the mural featuring the history of Beckenham – we took on the task of creating a garden in June 2012 which would do the mural justice and create some much needed seating and recreational space for Beckenham as it rebuilds.


In addition to staff and volunteers of Christchurch Community Gardens Trust, local residents have been involved from the outset such as Lesley Evans and others. Community organisations such as Greening the Rubble provided some initial guidance and skilled labour with a team from Community Corrections and a group of Kindergarten Student teachers providing a day’s work each.


Three tonnes of brick and rubble have been removed by hand to level the site and 3 tonnes of compost provided by Christchurch South Community Gardens who have recycled everything possible. Except for the treated timber posts, metal warrants and brush wood fencing, everything else is recycled.

There is work on site most Tuesday afternoons from 1pm – 2.30pm. Feel free to pop down the gardens after for a cup of tea. Check out the light box at night – it is to the rear behind the trellis.