What’s happening in November 2018?

The race is on. It may have none of the drama and spectacle of the Melbourne Cup but the race against time taking place at the Gardens is vital to the success or otherwise of all our efforts. We have to get the planting of the slower growing vegetables completed so that they have sufficient time to grow and mature before the cold winds of Autumn start to blow. All our tomato and zucchini plants are now in the ground. All frost tender plants are going in; in fact there is nothing that cannot be planted now so it’s a very busy time for our volunteers.   It also means the weeds are growing beautifully, especially amongst our carrot beds, so the fine motor skills of our dedicated weed busters are being tested as they pull them out.

The recent hot weather cost us some of our Basil seedlings which were “cooked” in the glasshouse. The areas under non whitewashed glass were the ones seriously affected.  We use a mixture of 1/3 builders lime, 1/3 water based paint and 1/3 water for our whitewash and it works well. Too late for some of the Basil though.

The Addington Fun Fare in Church Square is taking place on 24th November and as usual we will have a stall there. Our delicious elderflower cordial will be on sale as well as all our usual plants and produce,  so come along and enjoy the stalls and the surroundings in one of Christchurch’s hidden suburban gems. It runs from 11am until 3pm.

This month also sees us host 160 year 8 and 9 pupils from Somerfield School who will be visiting the gardens as part of their Garden to Table unit. Learning objectives will include eating seasonally  and food storage. Christine will be able to show the students how we store our pumpkin crop as an example.

We have some children’s bikes for sale. Also a couple suitable for young teens. A neighbour of the gardens was doing them up as a hobby but unfortunately ill health has forced him to stop, so he has asked us to sell them for him. If you are looking for a kid’s bike come along to the gardens and see if there’s one that suits.