What’s happening in June 2019?

June 5th was World Environment Day, and at the gardens it was a bitterly cold day as well, despite the clear blue sky. The usual crew turned up to set up and man a small table from which passersby were offered some of Christine’s delicious hot pumpkin soup and toast, and take away some seeds ready for planting in the spring. The theme this year was air pollution.

The next event at the gardens will be Mataariki Market Day on 22nd June. Christine is flat out making preserves and pickles in preparation for this event. The usual favourites will be available including spicy elder-flower tonic, piccalilli, hot chili sauce and plum sauce together with a sausage sizzle and home baked treats.

Work continues in the garden despite the frosts, rain and short days. We are still planting broad beans and peas directly into the ground and also raising broad bean seedlings in the glass house, but otherwise planting has stopped. Mulching of our brassicas with a side dressing of blood and bone has been completed. The Jerusalem Artichokes will be harvested early in the month so that they can be pickled in time for the market day. These are best left in the ground until needed unless pickled. Our Pumpkins are now in storage and we have buckets of apples and quinces ready to be turned into jams and preserves. Compost production will continue this month even though the process slows considerably with the colder temperatures. Our Feijoa tree is still yielding fruit, thanks largely to the netting spread over it. It will need pruning soon. Pruning of the grapevine has been completed and any fruit trees which have not yet been done will be completed this month.

On a less positive note; our entire bed of carrots was plundered one night late last month. The whole lot disappeared overnight. It’s doubtful that the person or persons who took them will read this but if so please be aware that we are not a supermarket. If you need such a large quantity please go to one or a greengrocer such as Funky Pumpkin. We are working through security camera footage in an effort to find the person responsible.