Christchurch South Community Waste Minimisation Project

Diverting organic waste from Rubbish to Resource

Over the past sixteen  years our  Community Gardens in Strickland Street have developed a successful and popular residential kitchen and green waste recycling system. We now process 4 tonnes of kitchen scraps and 20 tonnes of green waste/year from 20 households. This local resource produces over 10 tonnes of compost/year for the gardens and to supply back to the community.

We really enjoy providing this service, but a steady increase in local population density means we are fast reaching capacity.  So we  have expanded our programme to include home composting workshops to assist people to compost their own waste. Our composting advisory service takes this one step further and offers advice to people in their own home garden situation.

We believe that a neighbourhood based approach to waste processing works for the benefit of both people and the environment, and complements centralised efforts to reduce waste to landfill.

Some benefits of composting at home are:

  • Rubbish containers will not smell or attract pests
  • Less volume of rubbish to be transported around the city.
  • No need to buy compost
  • You know what goes into your compost
  • Your plants will benefit from a natural fertiliser and soil conditioner
  • Used as a mulch, compost reduces the tasks of weeding and watering
  • Compost is better for the environment as organic breakdown in the landfill creates greenhouse gases and liquids that can contaminate soil and water
  • Composting is fun, easy to do and good exercise