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Summer Market Day 2017
Saturday December 9th 10am – 2pm
Christchurch South Community Gardens
188 Strickland Street, Sydenham

Plants, Produce, Preserves and more ……..

What’s happening in September 2017?

Little Spring Market Day. This is on Saturday 2nd September, 10.00am to 1.00pm,  and preparations are complete. As usual there will be plants, produce and delicious baking for sale. We are hoping the weather will be fine and lots of people come along to sample what the Gardens have to offer.

Our Tomato seedlings are doing well in the glasshouse, but there is still the danger of frost so we will be taking great care with them.

Christine measured the soil temperature at 8 degrees C this week which is warm enough for radishes of all kinds and also beetroot, so these will be going in this month. Still too early for carrots though.

The New Raised Yam Bed is well underway using the recycled concrete fire hydrants.  The bed will be ready but there will be no planting this month as it’s still a bit early.

Asian Greens will be planted in September as they respond well in the cooler temperatures of early Spring.

Spring brassicas will also be going in this month but it’s still a bit early for frost tender varieties.

Ongoing work in September will include weeding – the warming temperatures are spurring rapid weed growth – transplanting seedlings and preparing beds.

We have 3 more Market Days before the end of the year so keep an eye on our Facebook page and this site for advance notice.

What’s happening in August 2017?

Tomato seedlings: These are now out in the glasshouse to get a bit of sun. At night they are wrapped up in frost cloth for protection. Hopefully, with lots of TLC they will be strong and healthy by the time Spring arrives.

Mulch Donation: City Care dropped off a truckload of chipped / shredded branches and bark. This will be spread on the Burns St corner. One of our volunteers has already started on this, ably assisted by his 4 year old son. Thanks again City Care.

The Blue Cedar trees at the rear of the garden have now been given a haircut by the arborists at City Care and are looking much more balanced. They did the job on one of those horrible cold and wet days we had last month but managed to avoid hypothermia. Great job.

Fruit Trees. Our fruit tree expert has sprayed them all with Conqueror Oil to combat mites and other bugs. Apparently it stops them settling on the plants. It’s a low toxicity product with no withholding period, so we are comfortable with using it in the Gardens.

The first Broad Beans and Peas are up and sowing for succession will be continued this month.

Preparation for our Little Spring Market Day on Sept 2nd is underway. We will have our usual array of plants, pickles and preserves for sale. We are experimenting with no leafletting for this event in order to assess the effectiveness of letter box drops. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and also the Neighbourly website.

Intern: A student from the Health Sciences Dept at UC will be joining us for August. She is working on a Health Education paper and will be developing a Garden Fitness programme and also some promotional material to complement it.

What’s happening in July 2017?

Harvesting. This month it’s yams, Jerusalem artichokes and Mashua. This is an aniseed flavoured yam and also makes a very attractive climber. We’re also replenishing the yam bed. The plan is to replace the loose brick sides with redundant concrete Fire Hydrant markers,  kindly donated by a local resident, and dig out the used soil. This will then be replaced by fresh compost which, of course,  we make on site.

Transplanting. Brassica seedlings; the more the merrier.

Online Shop. This is now up and running. Seeds are our first product but eventually this will expand to include our other products.

Globe Artichokes. After ours were dug up and stolen (!!!!)  we are looking for new plants. If you have any you could donate it would be much appreciated.

Tomatoes. We will be starting our tomato seeds this month. They will be kept indoors on a heat pad until they are about 2 to 3 cm and then go into the glasshouse under frost cloth.

New Potatoes. These will go into the ground at the end of the month.

Tree trimming. The two large Blue Cedar trees near the rear boundary will be trimmed this month, or so we have been assured by the CCC. Our neighbours will be pleased.

Ground Temperature. Christine measured the ground temperature on Tuesday 4th. It was 7.7 degrees Celsius at 10cm depth. In past years the July temperature has been around 6 degrees C, so a significantly higher reading this year. Will we get an early spring or does the Winter still have some bite? Don’t put your Winter Woolies away just yet.

Volunteers. Two new volunteers have joined us. Welcome.

What’s Happening in June 2017

World Environment Day (June 5th).

We will have Compost, native plants and plant pots to give away as well as a display on the theme of “Connect with Nature”

Matariki Market Day ( 17th June)

All the usual items for sale: Plants, preserves, baking etc.


It’s mostly Legumes this month: Peas and Broad Beans ready for a first crop in November.


Brassicas need a good bit of Lime. Getting it right is critical for good growth so we will be spreading the white stuff this month.


The last of our fruit trees will be getting their annual haircut.


Like breathing, you can’t have a garden without it.


This month we will be using a concentrated solution of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) to combat fungal diseases. Not sure of its effectiveness against Myrtle Rust. Hopefully DOC’s efforts up North will be successful and it will never reach us.