Month: June 2017

What’s Happening in June 2017

World Environment Day (June 5th).

We will have Compost, native plants and plant pots to give away as well as a display on the theme of “Connect with Nature”

Matariki Market Day ( 17th June)

All the usual items for sale: Plants, preserves, baking etc.


It’s mostly Legumes this month: Peas and Broad Beans ready for a first crop in November.


Brassicas need a good bit of Lime. Getting it right is critical for good growth so we will be spreading the white stuff this month.


The last of our fruit trees will be getting their annual haircut.


Like breathing, you can’t have a garden without it.


This month we will be using a concentrated solution of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) to combat fungal diseases. Not sure of its effectiveness against Myrtle Rust. Hopefully DOC’s efforts up North will be successful and it will never reach us.