The Christchurch South Community Gardens began developing in 1999 on a site in Sydenham.

It is now a key project of the Christchurch South Community Gardens Trust, which includes the community gardens, a recreational site, a resource centre and other extension projects in the community.

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Plants & Compost for Sale every Saturday 


Contact: ph. 9426630

christchurch south community gardens Office

Opening Hours

Our gardens is open to public 24/7.

Current Volunteer Days & Times ( Tool Sheds Open)

Thurs: 10am – 3pm ( workers lunch 12.30pm)
Sat: 10am – 3pm  (workers lunch 12.30pm) 

Feel free to garden outside these hours so long as you know what you are doing. Minimal horticultural knowledge plus lots of enthusiasm can be a dangerous thing !

waste minimisation

Waste Minimisation

Food Waste Collection System 

Bring  your kitchen waste to be made into compost and used on the gardens.

  • Please line your bucket with paper or a bio-degradable bag
  • Place your full bucket with lid at the collection point for processing.
  • Place a tile on the lid of the bucket to prevent entry by animals.
donation area

How can you help?

Volunteering is great but if time is not in your hands and you are unable to garden, payment for plants and produce can be made at the donation/koha box on the front shed. Some items are priced others are not . As a guide for payment keep in mind that we are a  not for profit  organisation growing crops and raising plants organically as well as operating a trust-based economy. Trust is the cornerstone of a healthy economy. 

We are on the lookout for new board members. 

No experience required, just eagerness and a desire to help. 

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Our Goals

  • To grow food together as a community
  • To beautify and improve the environment
  • To increase our gardening knowledge within a cooperative setting

We can offer

  • Board opportunities
  • Programmes for school groups
  • Fresh produce at low/no cost to the community
  • Opportunities to participate in community events
  • Work-experience for a wide-range of social service clients


  • Grow food together as a community
  • Beautify and improve our local environment
  • Increase gardening knowledge within a healthy cooperative setting