Welcome to

Christchurch South Community Gardens

Situated at 188 Strickland Street, Sydenham , the gardens have developed since 1999 into a multi-purpose community resource. Feel free to drop in at any time to look around and see what is going on.

There are many opportunities for participating – contact usChristchurch South Community Gardens are operated by the Christchurch South Community Gardens Trust.

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Upcoming Events …….

The CSCG AGM is happening on September the 27th, 11am to 1pm at the Christchurch South Community Gardens. Come along and help support neighbourhood sustainability, we are welcoming new board members and other volunteers!

SPRING MARKET DAY is coming up on the October the 25th. Come along to the garden to meet people and sample local produce.

Market Days

The garden runs 3-4  market days each year to promote the range of plants and produce available, and to get to know the community. There are always tasty garden treats and the ever popular lucky visitor pickle basket prize!


  • Plastic supermarket bags.
  • Old green recycling bins.
  • Spare manure, untreated sawdust,  straw, leaves etc that we can use for  composting.






Other produce

Organically produced “hand-saved” seeds and plants for sale onsite at the Gardens


The Gardens produce a quarterly newsletter which is available by email. Send us your email address and we’ll add you to our circulation list.


Can I buy vegetables?

You can come and garden in return for receiving plants, vegetables, flowers & compost.
You are welcome to exchange veges for a koha or cash contribution  to the garden. There is a  box provided.
How much to give?  We are a not-for-profit seasonal community garden growing fresh organic produce – you decide.